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Correct a birth

To correct information relating to a birth, you must submit an Application to correct the register and return all original certificates held for the event.

You must also provide certified copies of both proof of identity and documented evidence of the correct details. 

Common correction requirements include:



Evidence required to support the correction


Surname or given name(s) of the registered person


Child: Baptismal certificate, maternal health book or baby health care book (must be dated within 12 months of the birth) showing correct name intended at
the time of birth, or any other document indicating the earliest registered name
Adult: Evidence as above for a child, in addition to other identity documents which demonstrate consistent use of the name throughout the adult life
NOTE: Only certain corrections to spelling of names on birth certificates will be considered. Requests for a different name, or the addition/removal of given names will require a change of name


Parents name(s) (given or surname)


Birth certificate, citizenship certificate or overseas passport relevant to the name(s) of the parent(s)


Parents age or place of birth


Birth certificate, citizenship certificate or overseas passport of the parent(s)




Evidence of occupation at the time of event, such as letter from employer or pay records


Date or place of marriage of parents


Marriage certificate (interstate or overseas marriage)


Previous children (names or ages)


Birth certificate relevant to the child(ren)



If the Registry holds evidence for the correction of a Victorian event (e.g a birth), you do not need to provide the certificate as evidence. Simply provide details of the registered event.

There is no fee to correct information held on the register.

The Registry will not correct any part of the registered person's birth name, whereby a different name or identity may be created.

You can find further information in the Correction FAQs.

Submit your documents:

By mail: GPO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001

In person: Ground Floor, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria or at a Justice Service Centre