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Name your child

Choosing a child's name is an important step. Parents can usually choose any given name for their child. However, the Registrar can refuse to register a prohibited name. Under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996 this includes (but is not restricted to) a name which:

  • is obscene or offensive
  • cannot be established by repute or usage
    • because it is too long
    • because it contains symbols without phonetic significance, such as an exclamation or question mark, or
    • for any other reason
  • is contrary to public interest
  • contains an official title or rank recognised in Australia such as King, Lady, Father, Sir or Admiral.


Popular baby names

With Victoria's increasing diversity, the variety of names and naming traditions has never been greater. You can view the Top 10, 50 or 100 first names recorded in Victoria since 1929 by using the Popular baby names search (external link).

Link to Access the data for Popular Victorian baby names 2008 to 2014.