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Register a birth

When a child is born in Victoria, the hospital, medical facility or midwife gives parents a Birth Registration Statement (BRS). Parents then use the BRS to register their child's birth and apply for birth certificates. 

A standard birth certificate is a proof of identity document. It is the first step in establishing identity and is often required for official purposes such as claiming government benefits, and enrolling a child in childcare and school. A commemorative birth certificate can not be used for identity purposes.

When registering a birth, make sure both parents:

  • Complete the BRS in full.
  • Sign the BRS in front of a witness (who must sign the form on the same day they witness the parents' signatures).
  • Provide payment for any certificates ordered.

If you are not the parent and wish to register a birth, please contact the Registry for advice.

If you have undertaken donor treatment  at a Victorian clinic, please ensure that Step 6 of the BRS is completed.
If you have undertaken donor  treatment at an interstate or overseas clinic, Step 6 of the BRS requires completion as well as confirmation of the treatment procedure  from the clinic. More information is available in the ART FAQs. You can also refer to the Birth registration policy for ART-conceived children.

You must lodge the completed, signed and witnessed BRS, with payment for any certificates you order, within 60 days of the child's birth. Post the BRS to:

Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
GPO Box 2182

If you have damaged or misplaced your BRS and need a replacement, please contact the Registry.

To register a birth, parents must submit a correctly completed BRS with the details of the person or people who witnessed the parents' signatures. The hospital, doctor or midwife who attended the birth must also send a notification of the birth to the Registry.

An incomplete or incorrect BRS may delay the birth registration, which will in turn delay the issue of any birth certificates. A birth must be registered before a certificate can be issued.

Current processing times for birth certificates for newborns can be viewed here.

You can find further information about registering births in the Births FAQs.

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