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Change your name

You can apply to change your name if you are 18 years of age or older and you are Victorian born, or born overseas and have been residing in Victoria for at least 12 months before your application.

If you were born interstate, you must apply to the Registry in the State or Territory of your birth.

How to apply

To change your name, download a Adult change of name application form.

Application checklist

Make sure you:

  • Fill out the whole application form
  • Sign your application in front of a qualified witness, who must also sign your application
  • Submit all required proof of identity documents (see the application form or proof of identity page for more details).
    • By mail: Submit certified photocopies of each document. See the proof of identity page for advice on how to get your photocopies certified.
    • In person: If you are attending the BDM Service Centre, or submitting your application at a Justice Service Centre, bring both the original documents and photocopies of the original documents so that they can be certified. 
  • Pay the application fee. You can pay by:
    • By mail: Visa, MasterCard, money order or bank cheque
    • In person: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, money order or bank cheque. Cash is not accepted.
    • We do not accept personal or business cheques for name changes.

Successful applications

The success of your application will require you to:

  • return all original birth certificates or change of name certificates previously issued to you by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you are unable to return the original certificate, please complete a statutory declaration stating the reason
  • respond to all questions honestly and accurately on this application form
  • provide a clear reason for your chosen name
  • choose a name that is not considered to be obscene or offensive, too long, includes numbers or symbols without phonetic significance, makes a statement or phrase, resembles an official title or rank recognised in Australia, or is considered to be against public interest
  • disclose all previous change of names and previous names used in the community
  • prove your identity through the provision of certified proof of identity documents
  • respond to the Registrar's request for further information.

After changing your name

What type of certificate will you receive?

If your change of name application is successful, you will receive either a new birth certificate (if you were born in Victoria) or a change of name certificate (if you were born overseas).

Your certificate will show your previous name, your new name, and a history of your name changes.

Next steps

Use your certificate to update all of your identity documents and records to show your new name. This includes your driver licence, passport, bank account, electoral enrolment, utility accounts (water, electricity, gas, etc), superannuation and insurance.


If you have already changed your name in Victoria and want a replacement certificate, you can simply apply online for a birth certificate (external link) (if born in Victoria) or a replacement change of name certificate (external link) (if born overseas).

You can also apply by mail, or in person between 8am and 12pm at our Melbourne Customer Service Centre (CSC) or at selected Victorian Justice Service Centres (JSCs). To apply by mail or in person, you will need to download and complete a birth certificate application form.

We recommend you keep all Registry-issued documents safe and secure.