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Deed poll

About Deed poll

Deed poll was used in Victoria until October 1986 to change a person's name by making a deed stating the intention to be known by another name. A solicitor drew up the deed, and then lodged it with the Registrar-General's Office, which was part of the Land Titles Office. After October 1986, deed poll was replaced by the name change registration process, which we use today.

If you want to change your name or change your child's name you will need to lodge an application to register a name change.

If you have already changed your name by deed poll, you can apply for a copy of the deed poll certificate. While BDM holds many Victorian deed poll records, not all were correctly lodged by solicitors or transferred to us. If BDM cannot find a record of your deed poll certificate, you may need to change your name.

Some organisations do not accept a deed poll certificate as proof of a name change. Please check with each organisation whether they will accept a deed poll certificate before you apply for one. If an organisation does not accept deed poll certificates, you may need to change your name.

How to apply

To get a copy of your deed poll certificate, you will need to complete the deed poll certificate application form and provide proof of your identity.

You can apply by mail, or in person at one of our Service Centres.

Turnaround times vary depending on how you apply.

Application checklist

Make sure you:

  • Fill out the whole application form
  • Submit all required proof of identity documents (see the application form or proof of identity page for more details).
    • Online or mail: Submit certified photocopies of each document. See the proof of identity page for advice on how to get your photocopies certified.
    • In person: If you are attending the Registry's Customer Service Centre, bring the original identity documents with you. If you are submitting your application at a Justice Service Centre (JSC), bring both the original documents and photocopies of the original documents so that they can be certified. To find your nearest JSC got to
Pay the application fee. You can pay by:
    • Online: Visa or MasterCard
    • By mail: Visa, MasterCard, money order or bank cheque
    • In person: Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, money order or bank cheque.

We recommend you keep all Registry-issued documents safe and secure.