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Register a death

To register a death, formal notification needs to be submitted to the Registry by the person responsible for organising the disposal of the remains (usually the funeral director) and the relevant medical practitioner.

If you are organising the disposal of remains rather than a funeral director please contact the Registry for further information on the death registration process.

In some cases a death may be referred to the Coroner for confirmation of the cause of death. If the Coroner's investigation takes some time, the Registry can issue an interim death certificate. This certificate can be used to begin settlement of the deceased's estate.

To obtain an interim death certificate, you will need to apply online. To obtain a full certificate once the Coroner's investigation has been completed, you will need to lodge a new application for a death certificate.

Please note that some organisations do not accept an interim death certificate for legal or other official purposes. The Registry recommends that you check with the relevant organisations before submitting any application to the Registry.

You can find more information about registering a death in the Deaths FAQs.