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Family history certificates

Apply to get your Family History Certificate (External link)

Purchase an uncertified image for family history research purposes.


Uncertified images

Uncertified images are scanned images of original registration records. They are specially designed for family history research. However, you cannot use them for official purposes.

If you purchase an uncertified image online, you can download it to your computer immediately.

To purchase an uncertified image, you must provide the:

  • surname of the person the record relates to
  • event type (i.e. birth, marriage or death)
  • registration number for that record, and
  • registration year for that record.

If you do not have the above details, you can search our family history indexes online or buy a historical certificate by mail. Other sources may not have the correct number.


Purchase an uncertified image online (external link)

When you purchase an uncertified image online you will receive an Image Collection Reference Number (ICRN or Image Reference Number). You can use the ICRN to download your image(s) directly to your computer.

Download your uncertified images (external link)

You must download your image(s) within 30 days of purchase.

Remember to print out or write down your ICRN as soon as you receive it.


Historical certificates

You can use historical certificates for official purposes. They contain the same information as uncertified images, as well as the Registrar's certification, signature and seal.

To buy a historical certificate use either the birth, death or marriage certificate application form.