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Register a relationship

Under the Relationships Act 2008, all Victorian couples (irrespective of sex) can register their domestic relationship or caring relationship, as long as they meet eligibility requirements. Find out how to register your relationship.

Apply for a relationship certificate

Find out how to apply for a Victorian domestic or caring relationship certificate.

Book a relationship ceremony

Celebrate the registration of your domestic relationship with a relationship ceremony.

Revoke a relationship

Find out how to revoke a Victorian domestic or caring relationship registration.

Withdraw an application

Find out how to withdraw an application to register or revoke a Victorian domestic or caring relationship.

Correcting a relationship certificate

The Registry aims to maintain the most accurate and complete records possible. Find out how to correct a relationship or revocation certificate.

Relationships access policy

The Relationships Access Policy outlines who may apply for restricted relationship records held by the Registry and the conditions of access to those records.

Relationships FAQs

Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Victorian domestic relationships.