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Revoke a relationship

To revoke a domestic or caring relationship registration both parties to the relationship must complete a relationship revocation form.

When applying to revoke a relationship both parties to the relationship need to:

  • Complete the application in full.
  • Submit all required proof of identity documents (see the application form or proof of identity page for more details).
    • By mail: Submit certified photocopies of each document. See the proof of identity page for advice on how to get your photocopies certified.
    • In person: If you are attending the Registry's Customer Service Centre, or submitting your application at a selected Justice Service Centre, bring both the original documents and photocopies of the original documents so that they can be certified.
  • Include the required payment or credit card details.
  • Ensure your application is signed and witnessed accordingly.

If the other party to the relationship is not able to complete the application for any reason, you will also need to complete a revocation statutory declaration form and attach it to your application.

It takes 90 days to revoke a relationship registration from the date that the Registry receives a complete and valid application. Incomplete or invalid applications can take longer to process or be refused.

You can find further information in the Relationships FAQs.