When you apply for a registration or certificate(s) from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM), the fee you pay covers the cost of the:

  • Registration
  • Assessment or processing fee
  • Certificate fee
  • Postage

Mostly, these fees are non-refundable.

This includes if you change your mind. For example if you decide not to proceed with an application (such as a change of name), or decide to collect your certificate in person.

BDM’s fees are refundable only as follows:

Certificate fee

If the Registrar refuses or closes an application, BDM will refund the certificate portion of the fee. This is because a certificate has not been issued.

The application fee is not refunded because assessment has already been done.

The Registrar may decide to refund the whole fee, but this is entirely at the Registrar’s discretion.

Priority service not met

Where BDM offers priority service, it commits to assessing the application within five business days. Strict conditions apply for this service. However, if these conditions are met and BDM does not meet the five business day time-frame, the priority service fee may be refunded.

See the Priority service policy for more information.

Wedding or relationship ceremony cancellation

If you cancel a ceremony 45 days or more before the ceremony date, your ceremony fee is refunded. However, we cannot refund:

  • The booking fee (for weddings)
  • The relationship registration fee (for relationship ceremonies).

Apply for a refund

In most cases you won’t need to apply for a refund, as BDM will automatically send it to you if you are eligible.

This takes around three weeks, allowing for processing and postage times.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund and this hasn’t happened, please apply for a refund, explaining your reasons and/or circumstances.

You may apply for a refund by:

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria
GPO Box 4332

Poor service delivery

Very occasionally BDM does make mistakes. If this does happen, the Registrar may offer to waive or refund the fees involved.

Fee waiver

A fee waiver is available in some circumstances. You must request a fee waiver and provide evidence.

You can apply for a fee waiver within four weeks of paying fees.

The Registrar may decide to refund the fees, but this is entirely at the Registrar’s discretion.