How to apply

With priority service, your application is assessed within 5 business days. Apply for priority service by ticking ‘priority service’ in the payment section of the application.

You may apply when lodging an eligible application, or afterward.


Priority service is available for:

  • Applications to register a change of name
  • Applications to correct the register
  • Birth registrations
  • Marriage registrations.

Other urgent services

If the service that you need is not listed above, you can still request BDM to treat it as urgent. Do this when submitting your application, or by contacting us. You should provide written supporting evidence (e.g. travel arrangements).

What you must do

To be eligible for priority service, you must:

  • Submit an eligible application:
    • Application to register a change of name
    • Application to correct the register
    • Birth registration, with or without an application for a birth certificate
    • Application for a marriage certificate
  • Provide all the required supporting information or documents at the time of lodgement. For example:
    • Change of name – may require a credit report or proof of residence in Victoria
    • Application to correct the register – may require evidence supporting the correction, such as an overseas passport or tenancy agreements in both partners’ names. Refer to Changes and corrections for the evidence required for each correction

Note that documents may need to be certified.

  • Pay the application and priority service fees.

The priority fee is not refunded if your application does not comply with the requirements for the service.

Service commitment

Priority service means that within five business days, BDM will:

  1. Assess the application or registration. If BDM has not received everything required, we will contact:
    • You, if you need to provide anything
    • The hospital or midwife if we have not received the notification of birth
    • The marriage celebrant if we have not received the required marriage documents

When we receive the required documents we will re-assess the application in line with our standard process. It will not be covered under the priority service time-frame.

  1. Complete the change of name, correction, birth registration or marriage registration
  2. Issue a certificate (where you have ordered and paid for a certificate)
  3. Post the certificate, unless you have requested otherwise.

For the service commitment to apply, your application must be complete and compliant. If we have to wait to receive required documents, it is not covered under the priority service time-frame.

'Five business days’ starts when BDM receives payment of the priority fee. It does not include mail delivery time.

Refunds where priority time-frame is not met

Where all the requirements have been met, and BDM does not meet the five business day time frame, we may refund the priority service fee.

In most cases you won’t need to apply for a refund, as BDM will automatically send it to you if you are eligible. Refer to Refund of fees.