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I'm excited to introduce our new website where BDM services are now available online.  Our online services are easy to use and navigate, once you create an account you can log on and check the status of any of your applications.

This tutorial will help you use our online services. 

You can access Registry Information Online 24/7, anywhere using any device.

On behalf of BDM I'm pleased to announce this new service. Enjoy the learning!

This video tutorial will show you how to use BDM services online.


Section Timings
Create an account 0:46
Order a certificate 1:43
Registering life events 5:35
Completing and validating online forms 6:40
Wrap up 8:21

Create an account (0:46)

By creating an account with BDM you can apply for certificates and notify BDM of your significant life events online. This includes providing proof of identity documents and making any payments required. You can also track the progress of your requests.

To access most of our services online you'll need to create an account. This is easy. From the links near the top of the BDM website click on 'My items'. An online form opens.

Click on 'Create a new account' to progress. Once you've submitted your details you'll receive an email notification from BDM which will give you access to your account.

Log on with the username and temporary password provided to reset your password.

Now you're ready to access our online services.

Order a certificate (1:43)

From the links on the top of the BDM website choose the service you need.  In this example I will show you how to order a birth certificate.

When you click on the hyperlink 'Births', services related to this topic are presented.

Click on 'Get a birth certificate'.

On this page you'll find useful information which will help you prepare before you progress with your application.

Click on 'apply now' to start. The terms and conditions will be presented and after reading it and accepting it you'll be directed to an online form where your service request will start.

You will need to prove your identity and also prove that you have eligibility to apply for the relevant certificate. Basic information about your request such as name and address will be requested and the system will automatically validate the information provided.

If something is missing, the system will highlight it for you just beside the field which needs correction or completion.

The online form will prompt you for all the required information including documentation you might be required to upload. You may be eligible to prove your identity online through our digital proof of identity service.

If you are not eligible we may ask you to submit your identity documents online or supply them to BDM by some other method.

After you submit your order you can log on anytime to check its progress. From your account, if you did not submit your request it will appear on-screen as a draft. You can also complete any unfinished steps such as providing proof of identity or making payments.

[mouse navigates around screen demonstrating drop-down menu's]

After you submit your order or application you can log on anytime to check its progress. Once your request is submitted you can login into your accounts to check the progress of your transaction by looking into the 'Status' field.

[mouse scrolls down screen]

This is easily done by accessing your BDM online account using a web browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere, anytime.

In case you forget your password you can always reset it from our website.

When you do submit your request, you'll be given an order number that you can use to track its  progress or make an enquiry.

You can also complete any unfinished step which were previously unable to do such as providing proof of identity or making a payment for your requested service.

[mouse scrolls down screen]

[mouse hovers over blue 'Pay' button]

If you did not submit your request, your item will appear on screen, as a draft.

If you only want to order a certificate you can also log on as a guest. This is a straightforward process. You give details of your order, show us that you're eligible to access he certificate, provide evidence of your eligibility, pay and checkout.  In this case we only keep your details until your order is delivered.

Registering life events (5:35)

You can access many BDM services online including: Register a birth, Change of name, Victorian marriage registry bookings, Relationship registration and many other services.

You can see these options on the top menu of the BDM website by clicking on the individual links.  [mouse clicks on links on menu bar. Drop-down lists show on screen]

When you use these services you can also order the relevant certificate at the same time. You can also order it at a later time by simply logging in to your BDM online account. By choosing a service option you'll be taken to an online form.

Follow the instructions on screen and be ready to provide relevant information.

Scroll down to see what is required.

Completing and validating online forms (6:40) 

Our system will prompt you to make sure you provide all the information we need. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information we'll ask you for your review. The field which needs correction will be highlighted on screen for you.

[mouse highlights red field, adds data, field is accepted]

Before you submit the form you can review everything to make sure our records and your certificate will be accurate.

[mouse scrolls down page]

The BDM website has a progress bar on the top of the online form to show you where you are in the process. For example to order a certificate you need to complete five steps.

In addition the left-hand side menu lists the sections of the form you'll need to complete. It shows which sections you have completed. You can make edits to these sections after you've saved your form as a draft. Just click the 'edit' link and it will take you to the form to continue your request.

[mouse clicks on field]

Hover the mouse pointer to get details of the information required for many parts of the form. Also depending on the responses provided by you, only relevant fields will be presented on screen to complete. If you cannot finish the whole form at once you can save it and log on to your online account to finish it later. The information you've already provided will be saved.

Wrap up (8:21)

Here is a summary on how these features will assist you:

  • 24/7 status check of your submissions
  • You can save your requests as a draft until you have all the information required to complete it and then submit
  • Access to BDM online services through a web browser using desktop or mobile devices anywhere anytime
  • Every progress in your transactions with BDM will generate an automatic notification via email or SMS.

Thank you for watching this video tutorial.