Information about adoptions contains personal sensitive information. For this reason, anyone seeking adoption information must contact an Adoption Information Service.
The Adoptions Act 1984 requires anyone seeking adoption information to first have counselling. An Adoption Information Service can:
  • Arrange counselling
  • Work with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM) to assist with access to adoption information.

Who BDM can help and how

  • BDM will only release an adopted person’s original (pre-adoptive) birth certificate.
  • Applicants for original birth certificates can apply directly to BDM - see below.
  • Applicants for any other adoption information must apply through an Adoption Information Service.

Who can apply for an original (pre-adoptive) birth certificate:

  • The adopted person can apply for their original (pre-adoptive) birth certificate
  • The natural parents of the adopted person can apply for their adopted child’s original (pre-adoptive) birth certificate
    Note: the natural parent must be listed on the original birth certificate or within the adoption court records
  • The adoptive parents can apply for their adopted child’s (pre-adoptive) birth certificate.
To apply for an original (pre-adoptive) birth certificate go to Get a birth certificate.