Parents who want to change a child's name must prove that they are a parent of the child. This page is for parents who don't have the preferred evidence of parentage.

If you don't have the preferred evidence you may provide the documents from Alternative 1 or Alternative 2.

Documents must:

  • Name you as parent(s) of the child
  • Be originals, not copies

Each parent needs two documents naming them as a parent of the child.

Alternative 1

Provide both the following:

  • A statutory declaration (External link) from each parent stating that they are the parent of the child AND
  • A birth certificate of a younger brother or sister of the child. The certificate must name this child's 'previous issue'. The birth certificate may be Australian or from overseas.

Alternative 2


  • A statutory declaration (External link) from each parent stating that they are the parent of the child AND
  • Two items for each parent from the list below. Each parent can use only one of the asterisked (*) items. The second item must come from remaining items in the list:
    • Medicare card*
    • Centrelink card*
    • Document issued by the Department of Home Affairs*; for example:
      • Visa*
      • Document for Travel to Australia (DFTTA)*
    • Parent's citizenship certificate
    • Parent passport
    • Child's passport
    • Baptismal or other religious certificates
    • Official hospital record
      • Registration or identity document issued by a recognised provider of international refugee protection. For example:
      • The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
      • International Organisation of Migration (IOM)
    • A written statement that you acted as the child's parent(s) for the six months before applying. The statement may be from:
      • The child's school
      • The child's doctor
      • A maternal and child health nurse
      • A religious leader
      • A settlement or case worker in Australia who is employed by a:
        • Humanitarian Settlement Services provider
        • Status Resolution Support Services provider
        • Settlement Services Program
        • Complex Case Support Program.

The statement must be on the organisation's letterhead.

Documents in languages other than English must be translated by a NAATI translator (External link).