The following fees are effective 1 July 2019.

All prices shown below include GST (if payable and where applicable).

Additional fees apply for postage (see below).

Payment methods

BDM accepts:

  • Credit card (No AMEX or Diners Club)
  • Bank cheque
  • Money order
  • Personal cheques

BDM does not accept:

  • Cash
  • International bank cheques

Make bank cheques and money orders payable to "Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages."

Certificates and related services



Standard certificate

Fee for a standard birth, death, marriage, change of name or single status certificate.


Commemorative birth certificate

Note. You cannot use a commemorative certificate for official purposes, such as proof of identity. If you need a certificate for official purposes, apply for a standard birth certificate.


Deed Poll certificate

Note. If you changed your name after October 1986, do not apply for a Deed Poll certificate. Instead, you need to apply for either a standard birth certificate (if born in Victoria) or a replacement change of name certificate (if born outside Victoria).


Change of name registration


  • Includes standard certificate fee of $33.80.

  • Change of name registration fee of $76.70 is non-refundable.



Alteration of sex in the Victorian birth register


  • Includes standard certificate fee of $33.80.

  • Alteration of sex registration fee of $76.70 is non-refundable.



Recognised details certificate

Fee for the certificate and registration of a non-Victorian born person's sex change. 


Addition of registrable information

Fee to add information to a Victorian birth record (e.g. father's details or same-sex parent's details).


Copy of the original registration document


Fax fee


Certificate envelope

Fee for a protective envelope to keep your certificate safe (Only available at our Melbourne Customer Service Centre).


Verification letter

Verifies the details of a birth, death or marriage where the applicant cannot demonstrate eligibility for the standard certificate. Applicant must provide a legitimate need for the information.


Read about Refunds.


Shipping fees cannot be refunded if you decide to collect your certificate(s) in person.

Postage within Australia - go to Australia Post (External link) for product details




Standard Post / Handling


Registered Post (Standard)

Note. We do not send commemorative certificates by Registered post.


Express Post


  • We do not send commemorative certificates by Express post.

  • This is not a priority service fee - standard turnaround times still apply.



Postage outside Australia Price
Airmail (Standard post) $3.80
Express International Post $54.10

Victorian Marriage Registry

Civil marriage and relationship ceremonies at Melbourne's Old Treasury Building.

See Wedding ceremony fees

See Relationship ceremony fees

Family history products and services



Historical certificate

Fee for an historical birth, marriage or death certificate.


Uncertified historical image

Fee for an uncertified image of an historical birth, marriage or death certificate.


  • The information on an uncertified image is identical to the information on an historical certificate for the same event.

  • You can purchase uncertified images while searching the online indexes.

  • You can also purchase uncertified images separately online or by mail; you must provide the registration number and registration year of the birth, marriage or death for the image you want.

  • You cannot use an uncertified image for official purposes.