Complete the application

Complete Part 6 – Ceremony booking on the application to Register a domestic relationship.

When choosing date options, please allow a minimum of 28 days after you have submitted your application.

You can submit the form:

  • By mail, using the address details on the form
  • In person at our Registry Service Centre or a Victorian Justice Service Centre.

A domestic relationship ceremony can be booked as part of the domestic relationship application process.

What you will receive

On the day of the ceremony you will receive a ceremony certificate that is signed and witnessed as part of the ceremony. This certificate is for your own records.

If you need an official record of the registration of your relationship, you should apply for a standard relationship certificate.

You can also apply for one of our attractive commemorative certificates. You can order standard and/or commemorative relationship certificates when you apply to register your relationship or any time after your relationship has been registered.

If you order standard or commemorative certificates, we will mail them to you once the ceremony has taken place.

Will the date on the certificate be the same as the date of the ceremony?

The date on the standard and commemorative certificates will be the date your relationship is registered with BDM. If you would like this date to be the same as the date of your ceremony, please let your Service Coordinator know and the date on your certificates will be adjusted to the date of your ceremony. Contact the Service Coordinator by emailing (External link).

Relationship ceremony fees

For more information, see relationship ceremony fees.