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What displays on the death certificate

Enter the details exactly as you want them on the certificate. This includes capitalisation (e.g. capital for the first letter).

Relationship at time of death

Select ‘Unknown’ if you know the deceased was in a relationship, but you're unsure of their marital status.


Enter the relationship status at the time of death Information that will show on the death certificate You need to provide



Full name of spouse

Year of marriage

Place of marriage



Full name of spouse

Year of marriage

Place of marriage



Full name of spouse

Year of marriage

Place of marriage

Registered relationship

Domestic relationship

Full name of partner

Year of registration

Place of registration

Domestic partner

Domestic relationship

Full name of partner

Never validly married



If the family is unsure of a name

If the family is unsure of a name, for example a woman’s name before marriage:

  • our system will cross check with all our other data to try and find a match
  • if we aren’t sure, we’ll contact you to verify


When you provide a person's occupation, choose one from the list.

A person's occupation might not be the same as their job title:

  • 'Occupation' is a broad term for a type of work
  • 'Job titles' are created by business for their staff. These may be unique and often change. The list cannot contain all possible job titles.

If the list does not have an exact match, choose the most relevant occupation.

Children’s surname

We ask this question as part of our upgraded privacy protection measures. It helps ensure we only release future copies of the death certificate to authorised people.


Medical practitioners determine if a child is stillborn.

A stillbirth isn't classed as a death. Funeral directors don't need to register stillbirths, but you might need to complete paperwork under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003.

Disposal details


The body is donated to The University of Melbourne Anatomical and Neuroscience Department for research purposes. Enter the name of the person who received the body, for example Professor Jane Smith, Head of Department.

Sent overseas

The body is sent overseas for burial or cremation.

Attach supporting documents

In the death registration form:

  1. Save the form
  2. At the Action list at the top of the form, select Add document and Go
  3. Select the details describing the type of document
  4. Choose file to browse your computer and select the file to upload
  5. Save

Next steps

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