When registering a domestic relationship in Victoria, you can choose to celebrate it with a ceremony at the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne.

The Old Treasury Building has two rooms available to book depending on the number of guests attending the ceremony.

When you book, you'll go through the steps below.

You’ll first need to apply to register a domestic relationship, if you haven’t already done so.

How to book

1. Log in or create an account

When you click ‘Book’ you’ll need to log in, or set up account if you don’t already have one. An account lets us contact you if we have any queries, and lets you track your booking.

2.Choose your date, time and room

Click 'book your relationship ceremony' and choose a date at least 28 days after the date you applied to register your relationship.

You can view more details about the venue and room options.

Ceremonies can take place on weekdays or weekends.

3. Pay and get confirmation

At the end of the booking process, you’ll get:

  • A payment receipt – find out more about our Relationship ceremony fees
  • An interim confirmation. We'll check everything, and if we need more details, we’ll contact you.

Your booking will show as ‘Incomplete’ in your account until we’ve checked everything.

Once we’ve verified your documents, we’ll process your booking and send you confirmation of your ceremony.

If you haven’t received confirmation or are having difficulties with your booking, let us know using our Contact Us form.

4. Personalise your ceremony (optional)

You can customise the Relationship ceremony service to your personal preferences. For example your ceremony might include:

  • A short poem or reading (no more than 150 words) by a family member or friend
  • Music – The venue has a CD player, headphone and Bluetooth connectivity. You may choose either, but we recommend a CD as it is simpler and easier to operate
  • A ring ceremony. (Supply your own rings and ring cushions).

To customise your ceremony, simply reply to the confirmation email we send you.

Get a certificate

Get a relationship certificate

On the day of the ceremony, the celebrant will give you a ceremony certificate that is signed and witnessed as part of the ceremony. This certificate is a memento for your own records.

If you need an official record of the registration of your relationship, you should apply for a standard relationship certificate.

You can also apply for one of our attractive commemorative certificates. You can order standard and/or commemorative relationship certificates when you apply to register your relationship or any time after your relationship has been registered.

If you order certificates, we will mail them to you once the ceremony has taken place.

Will the date on the certificate be the same as the date of the ceremony?

The date on the standard and commemorative certificates will be the date your relationship is registered with BDM. If you would like this date to be the same as the date of your ceremony, please let us know by replying to the confirmation email we send you.