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Hi, I'm James Lawson, Director and Registrar at the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria. I'm excited to introduce the tutorials for our new core business system: Registry Information Online.  

This tutorial will show you how to register as the stakeholder in Registry Information Online. Set up the people in your organisation that will interact with BDM, and use the new service partners online portal. You need to register to be able to use Registry Information Online. Pre-registering will help you prepare for the new system and make sure BDM holds your correct details. This tutorial is available on our website. You can watch it again and share it with others in your organisation. 

As a marriage celebrant you can use Registry Information Online to order marriage certificates for couples. This is a simple and straightforward process. You can access Register Information Online 24/7 anywhere using any device. On behalf of BDM I'm pleased to announce this new service. Enjoy the learning.

This video tutorial will show you how to use BDM services online If required, use the scroll bar to navigate to the section you want to.

Section Timings
Register as a stakeholder 1:15
Using Registry Information Online 4:05
New notice of marriage 6:09
Drafts list 8:06
Printing documents from a draft notice of marriage 9:46
Order certificates 11:20
Attaching signed copies of documents to draft notice of marriage 13:29
Submit notice of marriage 16:12
Submitted items 17:25
Paying for certificate requests 18:54
Transferring notice of marriage to another celebrant 22:21
Wrap up 23:14

Register as a stakeholder (1:15)

Anyone who submits data to BDM must create a stakeholder account. Especially the ones using our online services. Stakeholder registration is available through the BDM website. To start click on the 'Service partners' link on the top right of the screen. Choose the type of stakeholder you are [mouse scrolls down screen, and hovers over 'Marriage celebrants'] And click the 'Register now' button at the bottom left of the screen. Before you start the registration process online, It is a good idea to collect all the documents that you will require. For marriage celebrants,  this means your marriage celebrant code and number, your marriage celebrants ABN, if you have one, one of your government issued identity documents. For example a driver's licence or passport to help BDM validate your identity Once you're in the online form you'll be prompted to provide the required information. [mouse scrolls over forms and clicks on fields. Drop-down menu items open] You'll be prompted to provide details of yourself and details of an identity document which BDM will use to validate your identity. You will be required to choose a username. We recommend that you use your individual work email address so it's easier to remember [mouse scrolls down form, email address added in username field, scrolls and opens other fields] [mouse scrolls down and opens other fields. Drop-down shows location to add identity documents] You will be presented with two sets of terms and conditions. Both sets of terms and conditions can apply to you. [mouse scrolls down, clicks on 'Terms and conditions check-box. Text box opens] By continuing you signify that you accept the relevant terms and conditions. For the stakeholder registration process,  you'll receive email correspondence from BDM informing the progress. You could also receive a request for any additional information in relation to your account registration. Once you are set up you will receive an automatic notification to progress with the registration. Please note if you are not a registered stakeholder, this means that your certificate requests will only be processed once BDM has verified and accepted you as a trusted stakeholder.

Using Registry Information Online (4:05)

After receiving the BDM notification email with your username and temporary password, navigate to the BDM website and click on the 'Service partners' link in the top right of the screen. The landing page shows all these service partners. Choose the type you are [mouse scrolls down, hovers over 'Marriage celebrants' and clicks] clicking the relevant link will take you to the logon screen. Click on the yellow 'Log in to Marriage celebrants' button on the top right of the page. If this is the first time logging in you'll be required to choose your secure questions and reset the provided password. Type in the username and password as supplied on the email from BDM. Click 'Login' The Welcome page opens and shows the action you can take step by step You can navigate from the links provided on this page When you're logged in, at the top left-hand side of the navigation bar you will see your username and the name of the organisation you are associated with. There will be users who provide services to two or more organisations. At the time of login they can choose which stakeholder organisation they want to be The navigation bar at the top of the Page shows options that are determined by your profile, for example marriage celebrants are presented with the 'Notice of marriage', 'Account', 'Help', 'About' and 'Logout'. The main menu at the top of the page shows options that are determined by your profile As a tip if you want to return to the Welcome page, click on the 'Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria' logo in the top left of the page.

New notice of marriage (6:09)

To start a new notice of marriage, either select the hyperlink in Step 1 or use the 'Notice of marriage' menu item by selecting 'New' in the top right hand corner. The marriage notification form steps you through the information you need to provide to the registry. For example dynamic fields will present when party 1 indicates that a statutory declaration was the type of identification provided [mouse scrolls down form, clicks on fields that show a drop-down list After adding all the information you have at the time of creating a new notice of marriage, click the 'Save as draft' button at the very bottom of the form [mouse scrolls down to bottom of form, locates 'Save as draft' button] The system runs automatic validation rules based on the information you have provided. A message will appear at the top of the form confirming your draft has been saved. If anything is incomplete or incorrect bright-orange messages appear beside the relevant fields. This is your opportunity to review the information you keyed in. Please check it carefully as this information will be recorded on the register of marriages in Victoria therefore likely to be used to print marriage certificates. There is also provision to order a certificate at this point. We will demonstrate how to do it shortly. Once saved, this notice of marriage will appear in your drafts list.

Drafts list (8:06)

From the home page there are two ways of getting to your draft list. Click on the 'Draft list' link in Step 2 of your home page or from the main menu bar click on the 'Notice of marriage' menu item and then choose 'Drafts' In the drafts list you can see all drafts created. The drafts will have a status of 'Ready for upload' or 'Incomplete' or 'Duplicate'. From this page you can edit your drafts by clicking on the link 'View' located on the right of the table. There is ability to both request a certificate or delete certificate by clicking a link in the far right of the table. From the drafts list you can also submit your notice of marriage to BDM. This can be done individually or as bulk. Simply use the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the table. If you try to submit the form before completing all mandatory fields, it will show that there are incomplete or validation errors. Return to the form, once all fields are complete you'll be able to submit to BDM.

Printing documents from a draft notice marriage (9:46)

The system is capable of printing pre-populated documents including the government marriage certificate, and the notice of intent to marry, so you can obtain the required signatures prior to the marriage date From the draft marriage notification list Choose the item that need, to be printed and use the print button on the bottom of the table [mouse clicks item check-box, scrolls down to 'Print' button] Indicate what documents are required and click the 'Generate selected documents for printing' button on the bottom of the window Before the marriage you'll be required to print both documents as the parties and the witness need to sign them at different stages prior to the marriage solemnisation. Make sure you print double-sided as the Declaration of non impediment is printed at the back of the marriage certificate which you will need to print to take with you to the ceremony . The documents will open, click 'Save' and then open [mouse clicks on print button, document opens on screen] The document will open in a PDF Reader. Print the documents as required.

Order certificates (11:20)

A feature of the system if you want to request a marriage certificate on behalf of the couple. Importantly you must do it before submitting the notice of marriage to BDM. You can request it from the drafts list or order it while completing the notice of marriage. By clicking on the 'Order certificate' button at the very bottom of the form. These instructions are shown on the Welcome page in Step 3. Payment for requested certificates can only be done from your submitted list. To order a certificate, click on 'Request certificate' [mouse scrolls to right of table and clicks on link] The form will prompt you for further information such as how many you want and the purpose of the order. [mouse scrolls through form indicating items on the fields] Progress through the order as prompted [mouse clicks through form] Once your draft notification with a certificate request is submitted, the result of the requested order will be shown in the submitted list as a line item. In the certificate requested column, A 'Y' short for yes will appear for the notice of marriage submission. An item reference number will be automatically attributed to this line item. Right below it there is another line item which refers to the requested certificate If the certificate has been paid for a payment a reference number will be presented on this line item and the receipt can be printed by clicking and opening it. Instructions how to pay for your requested certificates will be shown shortly.

Attaching signed copies of documents to draft notice of marriage (13:29)

After the marriage, signed documentation will need to be uploaded into the draft notice of marriage. Including other relevant documentation required by the marriage act. The system has the capacity to upload related documents if you have the capacity and an attached scanner you can send BDM the signed paperwork. You may also have the ability to use your mobile device to attach a photograph of the signed documents. Once a marriage is registered, BDM Victoria does not require original copies of marriage documents. Please manage these in accordance with any relevant Commonwealth requirements. From within the draft notification Use the 'Action list' on the top right of the screen. The drop down list shows different items. Click the 'Add document' item and click 'Go' From the marriage notification 'Add document' form opens From here you can add documents to the notice. Note that accepted documents will show on the presented drop down menu [mouse clicks on items with drop-down items] Please choose the correct one before uploading it. It is assumed that users have access to a scanner and can scan the documents to a local computer drive. Alternatively you can take a photo with good resolution. Record the relevant fields and use the 'Browse' function. You may need to navigate to your local scanner folder on your machine. When you have located the correct scanned document Click 'Open' on the Explorer, this will attach it to the marriage notification Click the 'Save' button, The system will indicate it has saved the document. You can use the 'View image' button to ensure you have provided the create relevant document This will avoid delays on the registration of the marriage.

Submit notice of marriage (16:12)

To submit a notice of marriage go to the drafts list either from Step 4 on the home page or from the menu bar. Then click on the 'Notice of marriage' item and then on 'Drafts' Only drafts with 'Ready for upload' status can be submitted. For those with status 'Incomplete' you still need to provide or check some details. Clicking the 'View' button on the far right of the item will open the form. Complete the relevant details as requested The form can then be submitted. If the status is 'Ready for upload' click the relevant item and use the 'Submit' button in the bottom left of the screen Remember, certificates must be ordered prior to the notice of marriage submission. You can order and submit multiple items at the same time by clicking on the checkbox of each item.

Submitted items (17:25)

From the main menu bar click on 'Notice of marriage' then 'Submitted'. This shows all items submitted. You can search by either party family name or date of marriage or you can sort the table columns by clicking on the active headings. All of your submitted items have been received by BDM A notification number is automatically assigned when BDM has received the submission you can use this to track registrations progress The status column shows the progress of the registration. 'In progress' indicates that BDM has received the notification and is processing it 'Registered' indicates that the marriage is registered. At any time if you need to contact BDM about a registration please quote this number. If a certificate has been requested with the item submission, the order will only be processed once payment is completed. Paying for certificates will be shown next.

Paying for certificate requests (18:54)

Any payment needs to be made from the submitted list. There is no payment option from the draft list. Stakeholders have fourteen calendar days to pay for their requested certificates. If this time frame elapses, Registry Information Online automatically cancels the certificate request. Cancelling the request has no bearing on the registration of the marriage. On the submitted list you can choose which items you would like to pay for. Items with a certificate request will show the letter 'Y' for yes on the column named 'Certificate requested' Tick the item or items you want to pay for [mouse ticks line item check-box] and click on the 'Pay for certificate' button on the bottom left of the screen. The payment process will start. You can pay for one certificate or many in the same transaction as long as the item status is still within the fourteen days from the item submission date. The next screen provides details of the registration select the button on the bottom left hand side called 'Start payment'. The next The next screen provides the transaction summary, where details of cost, delivery options delivery type and certificate type are shown. Clicking the 'Start payment' button will initiate the payment process Payment can be made by clicking on the 'Payment method' drop-down menu. The options available are credit card, PayPal or BPAY. Notice that if you choose BPAY the transaction is set to be cancelled after three days if payment is not received. These three days should be within the fourteen days from the certificate request submission. Credit card details are not stored in the registry system. As we need to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. At the end of the transaction you'll be presented with a confirmation screen Once you confirm, the payment will be processed and the order is placed. Paying for certificates is a straightforward process, simply order pay and check out To check whether your order has been paid go into your submitted list and look for active hyperlinks on the 'Payment reference number' column By clicking on an active hyperlink you will see your purchase receipt Which can be printed if required When you pay for multiple items in the same transaction the payment reference number will be the same to all items related to the payment.

Transferring notice of marriage to another celebrant (22:21)

There my be a requirement to transfer the marriage notification to another celebrant. The recipient marriage celebrant must have a stakeholder account registered with BDM in order to receive the transfer From the draft list Choose the relevant notification and use the 'Transfer to another celebrant' button. As a side note, more than one can be chosen and moved. To transfer you need to know the celebrant code and number Simply insert the details and use the 'Search marriage celebrant button'.

Wrap up (23:14)

Here is a summary on how these new features will improve your interactions with BDM. 24/7 status checking of your submissions by logging into your stakeholder account. You can save your statements as a draft until you have all the information required to complete it and then submit. Access to BDM services and products through a web browser using desktop or mobile devices anywhere anytime Every progress in your transactions with BDM will generate an automatic notification via email or SMS. The ability to add signed documents to the draft marriage notification. The ability to transfer marriage notifications to other celebrants. The ability to order certificates on behalf of your couple. Ability to pay for one of multiple certificate requests in one transaction The ability to print your required documents prior to the solemnisation of a marriage with all the required information pre-populated in the forms Thank you for watching this video tutorial please share with relevant people that would benefit from watching it too.