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Hi I'm James Lawson, Director and Registrar at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria. I'm excited to introduce the tutorials for our new core business system: Registry Information Online (RIO). As a medical practitioner, you can print your submitted reports, check the status of your submissions and save drafts online to return to later. Registry Information Online is easy to use and navigate. It checks the data you enter to ensure that everything we need is submitted. You can access Registry Information Online 24/7 anywhere, using any device. On behalf of BDM I'm pleased to announce this new service. Enjoy the learning!

This is an online tutorial to explain to external stakeholders how they become a registered stakeholder on BDM online using RIO to submit forms and manage applications, registrations and request searches.


Section Timings
Register as a stakeholder 0:52
Using Registry Information Online 3:08
New medical certificate cause of death 5:04
Drafts list 7:25
Submit Medical certificate cause of death 8:50
Submitted items 11:22
Wrap up 12:40

Register as a stakeholder (0:52)

Anyone who submits data to BDM must create a stakeholder account, especially the ones using our online services. Stakeholder registration is available through the BDM website.

To start, click on the ‘Service partners’ link on the top right of the screen. Choose the type of stakeholder you are and click on the ‘Register now’ button at the bottom left of the screen. Before you start the registration process, it is a good idea to collect all the documents that you will require. For medical practitioners this means your AHPRA accreditation number and one of your government-issued identity documents, for example a driver's license or passport, to help BDM validate your identity.

Once you are in the online form you'll be prompted to provide the required information. You'll be prompted to provide details of yourself and details of an identity document which BDM will use to validate your identity.You will be required to choose a username. We recommend that you use your individual work email address, so it is easy to remember. You will be presented with a set of two terms and conditions. Both sets of terms and conditions can apply to you. By continuing, you signify that you accept the relevant terms and conditions. For the stakeholder registration process, you will receive email correspondence informing you of the progress or if you need to take any additional action in relation to your account registration. Once you are set up, you receive an automatic notification to progress with the registration. Please note if you are not a registered stakeholder this means that your notifications will only be processed once BDM has verified and accepted you as a trusted stakeholder.

Using Registry Information Online (3:08)

After receiving the BDM notification email with your username and temporary password, navigate to the BDM website and click on the ‘Service partners’ link in the top right corner on the screen.

The landing page shows all the service partners. Choose ‘Medical practitioners’. Clicking the relevant link will take you to the log on screen. Click on the yellow ‘Login to medical practitioners’ button on the top right of the page. If this is the first time logging in, you will be required to choose your secure questions and reset the provided password. Type in the username and password as supplied on the email from BDM. Click login.

The Welcome page opens and shows the actions you can take step-by-step. You can navigate from the links provided on this page. When you’re logged in, at the top left-hand side of the navigation bar you will see your username. The navigation bar at the top of the page shows options that are determined by your profile, for example medical practitioners are presented with the ‘Medical certificate cause of death’ menu item. Other items include ‘Account, ‘Help’, ‘About’ and ‘Logout’. Selecting ‘Medical certificate cause of death’, the menu option, a list opens, and options are ‘New’, ‘Drafts’ and ‘Submitted’. As a tip if you want to return to the Welcome page, click on the Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria logo in the top left of the page.

New medical certificate cause of death (5:04)

To start a Medical certificate cause of death, use the hyperlink in step 1, or use the ‘Medical certificate cause of death’ menu item by selecting ‘New’. The Medical certificate cause of death form steps you through the information you need to provide to the Registry, for example, dynamic fields will present when a place of death is chosen. For example, if ‘Hospital’ is chosen, the form asks for details of the hospital. If the death occurred at home, then details of the residents will be required instead. When completing causes of death conditions, it is important to type the full medical terminology. Please avoid acronyms and shortened versions of conditions. The intent is to ensure accuracy and avoid misinterpretation of the cause of death. Over time there may be changes to the system to include predictive text. Until that time, using full medical terminology is best practice.

After adding all the information you have at the time of creating a new Medical certificate cause of death, click the ‘Save as draft’ button at the very bottom of the form. The system runs automatic validation rules based on the information you have provided. A message will appear at the top of the form confirming your draft has been saved. If anything is incomplete or incorrect, bright orange messages appear beside the relevant fields. This is your opportunity to review the information you keyed in. Please check it carefully, as this information will be recorded on the register of deaths in Victoria, therefore likely to be used to print death certificates. Once saved, this Medical certificate cause of death will appear in your drafts list.

Drafts list (7:25)

From the homepage there are two ways of getting to your Drafts list. Click on the ‘Drafts list’ link in step 2 of your homepage, or from the main menu bar, click on the Medical certificate cause of death menu item and then choose Drafts. In the Drafts list you can see all drafts created. The drafts will have a status of ‘Ready for upload’, ‘Incomplete’ or ‘Duplicate’. From this page you can edit drafts by clicking on the ‘View’ link on the right of the table. From the Draft lists you can also submit Medical certificate cause of death to BDM. This can be done individually or as a bulk. Simply use the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the table. If you try to submit the form before completing all mandatory fields, it will indicate, ‘These drafts are not ready for submission’. Return to Drafts to continue working on them. Return the form. Once all fields are complete, you'll be able to submit to BDM.

Submit medical certificate cause of death (8:50)

To submit a Medical certificate cause of death, go to the Drafts list either from step 3 of the homepage, or from the menu bar, and click on the Medical certificate cause of death, and then on the Drafts menu item. Only drafts with a ‘Ready to submit’ status can be submitted. For those with ‘Status incomplete’, you still need to provide or check some details. Clicking the ‘View’ button on the far right of the item will open the form. Complete the relevant details as requested. The form can then be submitted.

If the status is ‘Ready to submit’, click the relevant item or items, and use the ‘Submit’ button in the bottom left of the screen. The system will show the drafts that are ready for submission. By clicking on the ‘Confirm submission and print’ button, your item will be submitted to BDM.

The system will immediately generate a PDF version of the submitted item, which enables you to print it. Click on the PDF file to open and print the quantity of copies you need. Note that your device will need to be connected to an active printer to complete this action. There is no need to sign the printed document, as it includes the medical practitioners declaration and has been electronically signed on submission to BDM. If the death occurred at a hospital or nursing home, these reports are not automatically emailed to the hospital or nursing home administration staff. Hospitals and nursing home staff members will have their own stakeholder account which they need to log into to view the cause of death reports submitted for their hospitals.

Submitted items (11:22) 

From the Main menu bar, click on Medical certificate cause of death and then ‘Submitted’. This shows all items submitted by you and received by BDM. You can search by deceased family name or date of death, or you can sort the table columns by clicking on the active headings. A notification number is automatically assigned when BDM has received your submitted items. Please quote this reference if you need to contact BDM about your submitted items.

The status column shows the progress of the registration. ‘In progress’ indicates that BDM has received a notification and is processing it. ‘Registered’ indicates that the death is registered.

After submission to BDM, if you need to reprint your submitted items tick the box beside the item to be printed. The ‘Print’ button will be enabled. By clicking on it, a PDF version will be available to open and print to your chosen printer.

Wrap-up (12:40)

Here is a summary on how these features will assist you.

  • You can save your ‘Medical certificates at cause of death’ as a draft until you have all the information required to complete and submit it.
  • 24/7 access to BDM online services through a web browser, using desktop or mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.
  • You can reprint any of your submitted ‘Medical certificate cause of death’ anytime, from anywhere, by logging into your user account. Remember: your device needs to be connected to a printer.
  • Printed copies of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death no longer need to be signed, as it includes the medical practitioner’s declaration, and has been electronically signed on submission to BDM.
  • For accuracy, when completing the online form, please ensure the cause of death field is fully described, avoiding acronyms or abbreviations.
  • Every progress in your transactions with BDM will generate an automatic notification via email or SMS.

Thank you for watching this video tutorial. Please share with relevant people that would benefit from watching it too.