Remember that once you submit the form, you can't go back to edit it, so check everything is correct before submitting.

If you have trouble submitting the form, save it noting your tracking number and try again later.

When you submit the form:

  • You'll receive an acknowledgement receipt on the confirmation page with a downloadable PDF copy.
  • A PDF copy will emailed to the nominated health services area of the hospital/medical facility (if the health service registered an email address with BDM).
  • A copy of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Perinatal Death will be sent to the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (CCOPMM).

MPO user verification

Printing the form

Download, print and sign a copy for the funeral director (or whoever is organising the disposal of the body) to allow them to collect the body.

MPO confirmation

Correcting submitted details

Corrections must be emailed as soon as possible. To correct a submitted form the certifying medical practitioner must:

  1. Send an email to (External link) with:
    • Their own details
    • The deceased person’s details
    • The details of the correction, such as incorrect name, date of death, date of birth, place of death, cause of death
    • The reason the correction is needed.
  2. Manually correct the printed copies (the PDF form isn't editable after submission), sign next to the corrections and give the corrected copies to the funeral director and to Medical Records. The hard copies with corrections should reflect the details emailed to BDM.

If the certifying medical practitioner isn't available to send the correction request, the Senior Medical Registrar or the Treating Consultant under whom the deceased was admitted and treated must send the correction request to (External link). The email needs to include:

  • The details of the correction
  • The reason the correction is needed
  • Why the certifying medical practitioner is unavailable.

BDM will email a confirmation to the medical practitioner once the record has been corrected, usually within 5 working days.

Late corrections

A late correction is one sent through after the death has been registered and the full death certificate has been sent to the family.

All late correction requests should be sent to (External link). Depending on the correction, BDM may refer the matter to the Coroner for review.