Transition arrangements

Interim cause of death forms

BDM put interim arrangements in place from 14 to 19 February 2019 (inclusive). This was to ensure that medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) notifications could be submitted while BDM was upgrading its online systems. 

Interim arrangements have ended. For enquiries about interim forms, contact us and provide details of your enquiry. 

Paper death registration forms

BDM will continue to accept paper forms until February 2020.

How to identity the new cause of death forms.

Copies of the cause of death certificate

Medical practitioners still need to leave a printed copy of the cause of death certificate (MCCD/MCCPD) with the body for funeral directors. They cannot charge a fee for this.

Funeral directors cannot access the cause of death from their accounts.


1 Start a new death registration statement

2 Fill in the form

  • What displays on the death certificate
  • Relationship at time of death
  • Occupation
  • If the family is unsure of a name
  • Children's surname
  • Stillbirths
  • Disposal details
  • Attach supporting documents

3 Edit a saved draft

  • Sort and search for items in the drafts list

4 Order a certificate

  • Ordering process
  • Fill out the certificate order form
  • Interim certificates (for deaths reported to the coroner)
  • Order an interim plus a standard
  • Cancel a certificate order
  • Timeframes for certificate orders

5 Submit the death registration to BDM

  • Submit a death registration
  • Submit multiple registrations
  • No signature is needed

6 Pay for certificates

  • Who can pay
  • Payment methods
  • How to pay
  • Pay for multiple certificates
  • Verify whether items are paid
  • Print a receipt

7 After submitting the death registration

  • How the death is ‘registered’
  • Check submitted registrations
  • Check certificate orders
  • Sort and search for items in the submitted list
  • Mistakes on the cause of death
  • If there’s a delay with the cause of death

Correct a death certificate

  • Request a correction on behalf of the family
  • Guide families to request a correction

Overseas and interstate death

  • Interstate funeral directors
  • Interstate deaths
  • Overseas deaths (repatriation)

Contacting us


Call us on 1300 369 367 and select Option 3 (service partners). Calls to this option are answered within 15 minutes, and often faster.

Calls to previously used numbers (9613 XXXX) are auto-forwarded to the call centre public queue. Wait times for this queue are longer than 15 minutes.


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 Suggestions for improving the system (External link)

Death registration, repatriation, certificate enquiries (not related to the new system) (External link)