Transition arrangements

Interim forms

Interim arrangements have ended. Please do not use the interim forms any more.

BDM put interim arrangements in place from 14 to 19 February 2019 (inclusive). This was to ensure medical certificate cause of death notifications could be submitted while BDM was upgrading its online systems.

Paper forms

BDM will continue to accept existing paper forms until we advise you otherwise.


Copies for the funeral director

You still need to leave a printed copy with the body for funeral directors. Funeral directors cannot access the cause of death via their accounts. You cannot charge a fee for supplying a cause of death certificate.


1 Start a new cause of death

2 Fill out the form

  • Notifcation type
  • Reportable and reviewable deaths
  • Sex of the person who died
  • Date of death
  • Cause of death
  • Antecedent causes
  • Other significant conditions
  • Sibling information
  • Perinatal deaths

3 Edit a saved draft

4 Submit and print the form

  • No signature needed
  • Printed copies MUST contain the electronically generated declaration

5 After submitting the cause of death

  • Copies for the funeral director
  • Copies for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Print extra copies
  • Corrections