The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM):

  • Registers and records life events such as births, marriages, deaths, relationships and changes of name
  • Keeps these records in perpetuity for the Victorian, and wider Australian, community
  • Provides vital population and health statistical information to state and federal government (including the Australian Bureau of Statistics) to inform decision-making
  • Issues certificates to enable people to recognise and evidence their identity and commemorate their significant life events
  • Provides civil marriage and relationship ceremonies, historical family history records, and other services to government and business.

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Save time – apply online

Our services are all available online. The fastest way to apply for a certificate or registration is online. If you order a certificate, we’ll post it to you. Our main services are listed below.

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Need a certificate urgently?

If you need a certificate urgently, you can apply and collect it on the spot at our Customer Service Centre. The details of the event must already be registered with us. Make sure you bring all your identity documents and any supporting evidence.

Our Customer Service Centre can be very busy. There may be long waits, especially between 11am and 3pm.

Our service listing


Registrations of life events

Correct our records

Weddings at the Victorian Marriage Registry

Historical records

Services for businesses, professionals and government

Help with using our online services


Register a life event

The law provides for events such as birth of a child, death, marriage, relationship, change of name and change of sex to be registered. BDM refers to these as ‘life events’.

Correct our records

If you believe a certificate has an error, such as a name, date, place of birth or occupation, you can apply online to:

Get married at the Victorian Marriage Registry

Book your wedding ceremony with the Victorian Marriage Registry. The Victorian Marriage Registry conducts professional, inclusive marriage ceremonies.

Search our historical records. Birth, marriage and death records can provide unique insight into family history.

Services for businesses, professionals and government

Businesses and professionals can submit or request records of life events in Victoria. Learn more about our services for business, professionals and government.

Help using our online services

For an overview, watch the video below (subtitles included). You can also read the transcript.