The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM) recognises the sensitivity of the personal information it holds. However, the chances of misuse are significantly reduced after certain periods of time.

BDM restricts access to this information for the periods set out in the table below.

Information related to a... is restricted for...


Includes the registered person's name and sex

100 years after the date of the birth
Death 30 years after the date of death
Marriage and Registered relationship 60 years after the date of marriage or relationship registration

Access before these time periods have expired is restricted. This means there are controls on Who can access restricted information, and that all Applicants must have an adequate reason to access the information.

Once the restriction period has passed, in general, anyone may access the information. However, access is still subject to the Registrar’s discretion. For more information see How the Registrar makes a decision about access to information.