Self-insemination is artificial insemination not carried out through an Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) clinic or by a doctor.

If your child is born in Victoria, the law requires you to register the birth within 60 days. The birth should be registered by:

  • The mother, or
  • The mother’s partner, when clear proof is provided about donor arrangements.

To do this, go to Register a birth (External link).

Donor arrangements

A donor is a person who has made an agreement with the mother (and the mother’s partner, if applicable), to be a donor for self-insemination.

The importance of recognising a donor arrangement

You will need to provide information to BDM about the donor arrangements. This is to ensure we record the parents correctly on the child’s birth record.

This evidence protects the child’s rights. When they are older they may wish to know more about the donor and their own genetic origins.

Sometimes a donor changes their mind and wants to be a part of the child’s life. In this case, the evidence may help protect the parent(s)’ rights and responsibilities for the child.

Mother and partner

You need to tell BDM if you conceived through self-insemination. We will ask you to provide:

  • Your details (as the mother)
  • Your partner’s details (if applicable), if they were part of the donor arrangement, with the intention to be the child’s parent
  • The donor’s details.

Donor evidence

From a donor, BDM requires:

  • A signed letter or a legal agreement stating:
    • That they were the donor for the mother and the mother’s partner (if applicable)
    • The donor’s full name, address and date of birth
  • A copy of a current identity document showing the donor’s name, photo and signature.

If you can’t provide all of the required information from the donor, provide a statutory declaration (External link) that:

  • Explains how you established the relationship with the donor
  • Gives the reasons why the donor’s information is not available, and

Confirms the person was the donor for you and your partner (if applicable).

You must provide evidence to establish that a donor arrangement existed. For example, this could be email exchanges between the mother and the donor.

Birth registration

When BDM has verified the donor’s identity and the donor arrangement, we will:

  • Register the mother and the mother’s partner (if applicable) as the child’s parent(s) on the birth record. These parental details will appear on the child’s birth certificate
  • Include the donor’s details in your child’s birth record. Donor details do not appear on the child’s birth certificate
  • Attach the information you provided about the donor arrangement to your child’s birth record.

Further information

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