If a child is born through a surrogacy arrangement:

  1. Surrogate mother (and her partner, if any): register the birth using her/their own details
  2. Commissioning parents: apply to the County Court of Victoria (External link) for a Substitute Parentage Order to change the details on the birth record

    You must apply between 28 days and six months after the child's birth.

  3. The County Court, if it approves the application, will send us the Substitute Parentage Order
  4. Commissioning parents: when notified by BDM, register the birth, quoting the surrogacy reference number we will send you
  5. BDM will close the original birth record and create a new one showing the commissioning parent(s) as the child's parent(s).
  6. Commissioning parents can then order a birth certificate showing the child's new details.

For more information about surrogacy, see the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) (External link).