If your child is born in Victoria, it's a legal requirement to register the birth within 60 days by sending us a Birth Registration Statement (BRS). There's no fee to do this.

When you register the birth, you don't automatically get a birth certificate. You can order a certificate at the time of registration or order one separately later.

1. Complete the BRS

The hospital, medical facility or midwife will give you a BRS when your child is born.

  • Both parents need to sign the form.
  • If both parents can't sign the form, we need a statutory declaration explaining why.
  • If you want to order a birth certificate, complete Part 2 of the BRS.

If you've had a donor treatment, see Donor-conceived births.

Request a replacement form

If you've lost your BRS, contact us for a replacement form.

2. Sign the BRS in front of a witness

The witness must sign the BRS at the same time as the parents sign it.

3. Submit the BRS

To the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

By Mail: GPO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001

In Person: Ground Floor, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne, or at a Justice Service Centre (External link).

If you ordered a birth certificate, include payment.

Fees for certificates

Births outside Victoria

In another state or territory of Australia

Register the birth in that state or territory. List of other registries (External link).

On the way to Victoria

A child born during a flight to a Victorian airport, or onboard a ship on its way to a Victorian port, can be registered in Victoria. Otherwise the birth must be registered in the state, territory or country of birth.


If your child is born overseas but will be returning to Victoria, and you normally live in Victoria, their birth can be registered here, as long as both parents provide supporting documents. Otherwise the birth must be registered in the country of birth.

For more information about registering births outside Victoria, contact us.