If you believe there's an error on a death certificate, you can apply to have it corrected.

Recent deaths
If the death happened in 2017, let your funeral director know and they can arrange the correction with us. We'll then mail the corrected certificate to you directly.

Or, you can apply to make the correction yourself.

​We'll ask you for the following information during the application process:

1. Details of the person on the certificate

As a minimum, we ask for:

  • First name and family name
  • Date and place of death.

2. The original death certificate

We ask that you return the original death certificate before we can issue a new corrected version.

If you don't have the original, you'll need to apply for a new death certificate once we've corrected the death record. A fee applies.

3. Evidence to support the correction

The evidence we ask for depends on the correction you want to make.

For documents in a language other than English, provide an English translation by a qualified translator. Approved translators can be found at naati.com.au (External link) or by contacting Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 1450.

4. Proof of your identify

In most cases, you can prove your identity with certified copies (External link) of your driver licence and Medicare card.

Example drivers licenceExample medicare card

Alternatively, there are other ways to prove your identity.

If you're not the informant on the death certificate, you also need to provide proof of consent from the informant or a declaration explaining why their consent isn't possible.

The evidence listed below covers the most common correction requests. If you can't provide the evidence listed, send the best evidence you have available.

If we hold the evidence (e.g. a birth certificate) you don't need to provide a copy of it.


Correction Acceptable evidence

Any name on the certificate

Either a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or overseas passport relevant to the name being corrected.
Date, place or cause of death Evidence of correct information, supported by an email (first preference) or letter of consent from the certifying Doctor, the Coroner or a Treating Consultant.
Date or place of marriage Marriage certificate (interstate or overseas marriage).
Marital status

One of the following:

  • Marriage certificate (interstate or overseas marriage)
  • Divorce certificate
  • 'No record' result from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.
Previous children (names or ages)

One of the following:

  • Birth certificate (Australian or overseas)
  • Citizenship certificate (Australian or overseas)
  • Overseas passport.


Additionally, for deaths since 1 July 2016

Add name of domestic partner
Documents in both names, such as:
  • Superannuation statements
  • Tenancy agreements in both names
  • Bank statements in both names.
Remove name of domestic partner Statutory declaration stating you weren't in a domestic relationship with the deceased.

How long will it take for a corrected certificate to be issued?

Processing start date Processing time Pick up/delivery
Date received

Full application
with proof of identity and evidence

20 working days Pickup
595 Collins Street


6 days
Australia post

If the original death certificate is returned If the original death certificate IS NOT returned
No fee $32.40

The price of a standard death certificate applies

Postage fees

Postage - see Australia Post (External link) for product details Price


Standard post/Handling $1.00

Registered post (Standard)

Note: We do no send commemorative certificates by Registered post.


Express post


  • We do not send commemorative certificates by Express post.
  • This is not a priority service fee - standard Turnaround times still apply.

Outside Australia

Airmail (Standard post) $3.60
Express Courier International $52.00