We understand your certificate is an important document and we aim to get it to you as quickly as possible.

However, be aware that your application can take up to two months overall, taking into account postage and processing times.

Processing times

Our processing times start from when we receive your application. Your application should be complete, fully paid and have the necessary certified proof of identity documents.

Type of certificate Standard processing time (working days)*
Birth certificate 10
Birth certificate for newborns 20
Marriage certificate 10
Marriage certificate for newlyweds 20
Change of name certificate 20
Death certificate 10
Death certificate for deaths in the last 3 months 5
Relationship certificate^ 20
Single status certificate 10
Commemorative birth certificate 20
Correction of a certificate 20

*Allow additional time for postage

  • 6 working days for standard post
  • 1 working day for express post

^Includes the 28 calendar day legislative cooling off period. The 20 day standard processing time is in addition to the 28 day cooling off period required by law.

Commemorative certificates will arrive separately to standard certificates.

What if my certificate hasn't arrived?

If it hasn't arrived after two months, report a late or missing certificate.

Want to get it faster?

Apply online - 5 days quicker

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Apply in person - same day

If the details of your event are already registered with us, you can apply for and collect a certificate in person at our BDM Customer Service Centre, in one day. Make sure you bring all your identity documents and any supporting evidence with you.

Pay a priority fee

If your event isn't registered with us (for example, for newborns or newlyweds) you can pay an additional $120 fee to speed up the registration process. If your application is complete and correct, your certificate will ready to be posted within 5 days.

Applicable for:

  • Birth registrations
  • Marriage registrations
  • Relationship registrations
  • Name change registrations
  • Making corrections.