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What you can do online

Hospitals and similar facilities can access the following:

  • Births - Notify BDM of new births in your facility
  • Deaths - View causes of death for patients or residents who died in your facility. See below: View cause of death certificates.

If you are a medical practitioner, see how to submit a cause of death certificate.

Birth notifications

Submit individual birth notifications to BDM.

Don't work out of a hospital? Information for independent midwives.

Using system-to-system interfaces

Many hospitals use a system-to-system interface which automatically submits notifications to BDM.

Email (External link) for information about developing a system-to-system interface.

If your hospital has a system-to-system interface

Staff only need to log in to the hospital’s BDM account and submit individual notifications for planned home births. These must be submitted manually, as the birth location will be different from the default location used by the interface.

Help parents register a birth

You can support parents by printing our information sheets or pointing them to information in languages other than English. See Help parents register a birth.


Meet your legal requirements

Read an overview of the legal requirements for midwives.

Introductory video: Birth notifications

For an overview, watch the video below (subtitles included). You can also read the transcript.


View cause of death certificates

View or print causes of death for patients or residents who died in your facility. You need to register a BDM account for your organisation if you don't already have one.

Help and instructions

Refer to our step-by-step guide for help viewing causes of death.